What is Medical Massage?

Medical massage is massage with a goal. Goals can include, but are not limited to: decreasing pain or increasing range of motion. Within a session, the time is spent working toward achieving that goal.

What can differ greatly within each session is HOW the client and therapist achieve their goal. From Joyce’s years of experience of working with clients in chronic pain, she has learned that the pain is never just muscular. When the body gets to the point of being in constant pain, there are layers upon layers of trauma. Some of the layers are physical and some are emotional.

Joyce works with her clients on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Sessions involve hands on bodywork as well as emotional guidance through meditation, breathing, and talking. Joyce has a gift that leads her clients to see what they may have been blind to. She has the ability to help clients make emotional and physical connections to their pain to achieve healing that lasts.

Stop chasing the pain and get to the cause of it. This work is not easy and requires commitment both on and off the table. Joyce is looking for clients that are READY to dive into this work.